Founded 14th June, 1997
Employees  32
Head Office (HAN office) 190 Lac Trung Str., Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
Hochiminh office 3 Pho Quang Str., Tan Binh Dist., HCMC, Vietnam
Business Functions ·     Agency business for air and ocean carriers

·     Freight forwarding business

·     Truck transportation business

·     Marine shipping brokerage / Customs house brokerage

·     Leasing of containers, loading equipment, logistics

equipment and logistics information systems

·     Logistics consultancy business

Other businesses connected to or related with the above

We are TPC Logictics!

Welcome to TienPhong Co.,Ltd – international freight forwarder and logistics service provider.

We are one of the leading freight forwarding companies in VietNam since 1997 with offices in Hanoi, HaiPhong and HoChiMinh City.

We strive to relieve our clients of as much responsibility as possible in any freight forwarding consignment. After your initial phone call to TienPhong we make the required bookings and follow the shipment’s progress until the job is complete, including all required documentation.


Our vast network of international contacts and expert knowledge of the international forwarding industry places TienPhong in a position to address all of your transportation requirements.


Over 21 years of dedicated services to international trade and commerce, TienPhong is ready to serve you day by day perfectly, with a team of highly qualified staff and our steady growth that enabled us to diversify and expand in the challenging transportation industry.



“Connecting people, businesses & communities to a better future through logistics.”


“To become the most preferred logistics company – applying service quality and innovation to create sustainable growth for business and society.”


  • CONNECTED: “ We are open and transparent in the way we work”
  •  COMMITTED: “Always building relationships – everything we do is with the long-term in mind.”
  •  CREATIVE: “ We are constantly developing better ways of working.”